Happy Birthday Maddie!


June 8, 2001, our first daughter Madeline was born. She made quite an entrance and has continued to entertain these last 8 years. We celebrated one day early as Doug will be going to class tomorrow night. Long day. Scrambled to get things done but in the end, success. “Mom, all the presents I got was everything I always wanted. Especially the 3D chalk.” So that made me feel good.

Usually, the kids tell me what picture they want on their cake and what themed partyware they would like. Staying true to the day she was born, Maddie knew exactly what she wanted and who to tell about it. “Mom, on my cake, I want a ballerina dancer in a blue dress and a picture of me next to her. And I would like a great pegasus for my plates. The dancer should be holding my hand and flying on a pegasus.” OK, I like to accommodate but I had to draw the line. There would be no pegasus on the cake. Not enough room for two dancers, a happy birthday greeting and a pegasus. And I don’t have that kind of cake talent. In lieu of the non-existent pegasus plates, I found Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. There’s GOT to be a pegasus in that movie. I ended up cutting out 3 dancer figures from an accessory on clearance and stood them in the cake. Phew, Maddie thought that was cool. Just hate to disappoint.

Wow, 8 years. And in that time…2 more kids, 2 new-to-us vehicles, 1 job, then 2, then 1, a Master’s degree, a stint with ESPN, loss of two grandparents, 2 friends & 2 neighbors, gain of 2 cousins and 2 2nd cousins, a few hospital stays, family crises and recovery, some money then none, terrorism, war, lost baby teeth, found grown up teeth. Looking at the world, 8 years seems so long. Looking at her, 8 years is a blink and a breath. Thanking God for keeping our family safe and healthy and proportionately dysfunctional in the best of ways.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Annette on June 7, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    Happy birthday to her. I hope it was a super great day!!!!


  2. Now that’s a happy face! Where DOES the time go?


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