New Brother In Law News

Hey gang. Two years ago, my brother-in-law  Joe, had triple bypass surgery on his heart after years of wrecking his body with smoking and eating. The surgery was successful and his recovery remarkable. He quit smoking, radically changed his diet and continued some natural remedies(supplements, etc). He is diabetic and has had a setback here and there since.

Have I told you about my family’s communication system? It goes something like this: “Did I tell you that…” or “I thought Dad was going to call you.” I found out my sister had a baby about two weeks after he was born.  So here is the latest in “Did anyone tell you…” from my family.

Joe needs a kidney transplant. I guess they have been researching this process since January. He has a large family and a couple of siblings are “perfect” matches. Even my sister is a match. He has some weight to lose first as he gained back a bit these last two years. Dialysis isn’t being considered at this point although a fistula was created in March in case he becomes critically ill quickly and forced to use dialysis. Could definitely use some prayers for expediency and success. Thanks.


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  1. Prayers for peace, wisdome, guidance and Truth.

    Don’t feel like your family is so “special”. Lots of us have the same (and different) issues.


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