Three Girls and a Mall

I took Maddie and Annaliese to The Disney Store in the mall to get a present for a friend. I secretly brought their wad of birthday money in case they saw something. It was like watching Michael Jackson shopping in Vegas during the Bashir interview “I’ll take one of those, and one of those, and some of these”. BOGO stuffed animals; 75% off sunglasses; 40% off Ariel shoes for Annaliese; 50% off Tinkerbell Fairies collection for Maddie. It was dizzying. It was a dangerous position to put myself in. Cash. Girls. Store. SALE. But I showed restraint and reined them in as well.

For instance, I know Maddie and Annaliese have had their eyes on certain toys for awhile. So, when they saw something new, I reminded them of what they’ve been wanting and gave them a choice between that or the new thing. For Annaliese, it’s an addiction to stuffed animals which she names right there in the store. For Maddie, it is an Island Princess Barbie Karaoke Styling Head. Yeah, I know. She saw it at Toys R Us after Christmas on clearance but we just couldn’t get it then. Over the next six months, she would talk about it as a prospective birthday present or chore money purchase. Now she had her birthday money. It was time. Once the girls paid for their loot, we rode an escalator down then back up, watched a fountain and threw in a few pennies. Then off to Toys R Us with a mission.

No way this thing is still there. I’d never seen it advertised and Island Princess Barbie is SO 2007. I’m not kidding she ran through the store to get to the display. Of course it wasn’t there so we went to the Barbie aisle. Thumbelina Barbie’s were 50% off. Score! Um, except Island Princess Barbie Karaoke Styling Head was on the opposite shelf. Just sitting there. Unpriced. Squeals and jumping up and down and clapping(both girls). Annaliese was so happy for Maddie. They may have hugged. I didn’t see. Now the other issue–price. Off to find a scanner. Meanwhile, IT’S in the cart, growing attached. I was so afraid she wouldn’t have enough money left. On top of her previous spree, she’d promised JD a new light saber(green) since he didn’t have his own birthday money yet.  Found the scanner. Scanned. Why didn’t I bring the TUMS? One second, the beep. 40% off. 

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

This was either God’s reward for her generosity and patience, or a searing of her woman’s heart with the thrill of the Bargain Find!

In either case, she is enjoying the thrill of finally getting what you wanted after waiting, working and planning for it. She doesn’t know she’s learning but we have a good memory to build on. Heck of a day with a couple of girls at the mall don’t you think?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lisa Price on July 17, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    Phenomenal day, I’d say! And you have the patience of Job (and a bit of reckless abandon for trying it!) to take them there. I abhor the mall, and mercifully, my kids don’t care for shopping, but kudos to you and your girls! Well done, young ladies, well done!


  2. I have four sisters, four daughters and a wife. I can’t EVER remember a good day at the mall. lol


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