Bus stop community

Now that all three kids are in school, I have a couple private hours in the morning during Annaliese’s 1/2 day Kindergarten. I just started to take walks around the neighborhood where our kids go to school. I’m already out and dressed, I haven’t started any projects yet, and the homes are cool lookin’. I’m enjoying the 25-30 minutes of quiet in my head. However, it gets me thinkin’. Depending on who you are, that’s either a good or a bad thing! 🙂

Today, I had to pass through a group of maybe 10 middle school aged kids. They were grouped in little pockets here and there. Not a smile on their faces. Some looked intimidated. Some looked intimidating. Some looked absolutely bored. So I walked through, smiled and said, “Good morning.” One kid muttered hi. Then I got to thinking. Here are my random thoughts. Enjoy!

What would it take to turn a bus stop situation into a genuine community building environment? Its already a built in small group. They see each other everyday. Couldn’t be a formal outreach church affiliated thing. Shouldn’t be a planned activity. What brings kids(or people) together? Hmm. Something they can make fun of. Something they can talk about. Something that lets their guard down. My dog. If you’ve read anything about my giant dog, you know he is DEFINITELY a conversation starter, the big lummox. Or, what if I did something dumb like tripped and fell or just tripped and looked stupid? That would give them something to laugh over and talk about. Not that that’s a good thing to make fun of someone but come on, its a conversation starter.

Maybe not even something that overt. Brainstorm. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the kids come together as a team than just have them try to survive the bus ride? How do we create an environment for that? I recalled Jeff Shinabarger’s post on the bench project. What simple creative ideas are out there?


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  1. Our home is on a corner lot. Across the street is our Amenity Center. So on the corner across the street from our home is The School Bus Stop(s). First the highschoolers get picked up, then later there are two seperate middle school pick ups.

    There is no shelter for the students when it rains. The students know that as long as it’s more than one student they can stand on our front porch out of the rain if they want. Occassionally a student will ask if they can “stash” their bike on the front porch until they get home on the bus.

    The elementary school our K5 and 2nd grader attend is literally 200 yards down the street. One day last week when I was pulling back into the driveway I noticed one of the middle school girls had climbed up into the lower branches of the oak tree on the corner. So I taunted her, “Is that as high as you can get?” She replied that the branches made it difficult for her to go higher. I said, “That’s week.” She climbed higher… just as her bus pulled up! lol


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