There’s No Tornado! Oh, wait…

Yes it is true. Approx 30 mins prior to a severe storm system passing through our area tonight, my husband watched a tornado feature on Discovery’s “Raging Planet”. With the children. Moments before bedtime. After bedtime prayers, We spent 15-20 mins. convincing children there were no tornados in Aurora, let alone Illinois this time of year. Still, we did discuss where to go if there were a tornado, if Champ would fit in the closet and which neighbor’s basement to run to. The kids picked 3 different neighbors. Then the stern instruction to go to bed.

A few minutes later, thunder came (which I did not hear) and lightning (which I did not see). Annaliese heard and saw and was blown off by mom and dad with yet another “there is no storm now go to bed!”. Beep beep beep from the tv: “The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for the following counties…” You’ve GOT to be freaking kidding me. We suck.

JD did enjoy watching me run to the car in the downpour with his Lightning McQueen umbrella to close the cracked car windows I forgot about. So that made him feel better. I’m so glad.


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  2. lol! I love it,


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