I Can’t Sleep

Some of the greatest creativity from my children comes 5 minutes after they have gone to bed. Periodically, we hear a door open and the slight sound of either shuffling feet or the slap slap slap of the flat footed among them coming down the hall. “M-o-o-o-o-m?” And even if Doug is sitting right next to me still they ask for me. “Ye-e-e-s?” I reply. “I can’t get to sleep.”  And then the fun begins. What will it be this time? Monster in the closet? Have to go to the bathroom? Get a drink? Body part hurt? To these excuses I say CHILD’S PLAY. Here are some of the better ones.

  • “If I close my eyes it makes my eyes hurt.”
  • “Every time I close my eyes, they just pop back open.”
  • “My body says it doesn’t feel like sleeping.”
  • “Are you making popcorn?”
  • “I forgot the memory verse from Wahabu can I turn on the light and look it up?” (Tempting to allow, but no.)
  • “The girls are talking and I tried to yell at them through the vent but they won’t stop. Can you tell them to stop?”
  • And of course, “What if there’s a tornado?”

So tell me. What do you hear out of the mouths of your babes?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Just last night about an hour and a half after I put our 5 year old son to bed something very strange happened. My wife and I were laying in bed watching TV when we heard our son giggling coming down the hall. He came into our room went into the bathroom (did not turn the light on and giggling the entire time). It was dark so we couldn’t tell what he was doing. He was in the bathroom just a couple of minutes when he came out with his boxers down to about mid thigh (still giggling). He went back into his bedroom, climbed back into his bed layed his head down and was fast asleep… the entire time.

    So I went into the bathroom to see what the heck he could have been up to. He opened one of the lower cabinets and had urinated into the cabinet! Fortunately we only had cleaning supplies in that cabinet. We are completely baffled on this one but think it was pretty funny.


  2. Lol “I tried yelling at them through the vent!” I remember doing that as a kid


  3. Your kids are hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh!


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