Mourning Texting Loss

We recently cancelled our  cell phones with unlimited text plan to save $$. The savings is fun, but all day I see things I must communicate to the world but can’t. I know how sad you all are because you’re missing my day to day life! I’ll catch you up:

So yesterday I’m driving to the store.  Two cars in front of me side by side–one in left turn lane, one in regular left lane approaching green traffic light. The car in the regular lane suddenly turns left in front of the car in the left turn lane, missing him by inches.  Yaah! I continue on my way to the store. I’m in the parking lot when all of a sudden, guess who comes racing across the parking lot diagonally across the empty spaces, pulls in front of me into a parking space I was eyeing and barely missing the car that was actually planning to pull  into that space? Yep. That guy. I figured he was either seriously impaired or an enormous jackass.  Given the way he treated his wife in the car and the store, I pick option #2. Needless to say, I’ve never shopped faster to get my stuff and get out the door before he could get back on the road.

Overhearing Maddie and Annaliese trying to figure out how to get a note to our neighbor, Natalie.

Maddie: Well Annaliese, we need to put a stamp on the envelope for the mail man.
Annaliese: But I don’t have a stamp. Mom! Do you have a stamp?
Me: No.
Maddie: Tomorrow’s payday! We can ask mom to get stamps tomorrow!
Annaliese: Or I KNOW! We could just GIVE Natalie the note.
Maddie: Yeah!

What I would have texted at 12:30 a.m. this morning from the ER:

Sitting with my son, the barking seal, in the ER waiting for breathing treatment and watching Animal Planet.

And then at 3 a.m.:

JD received a breathing treatment plus a dose of a steroid. Now we’re home and he declares, “you can go rest mom. I’m going to stay up and watch tv til my voice comes back.”  Um, no.

And then at 6:30 a.m.:

JD is first kid awake and completely dressed(including snow boots) raring to go. Great.


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  1. Our 26 and 20 year old daughters regularly text over 5k (outgoing) msgs each per month! I almost hate to respond to one of her tests because I’ll end up the next ten or fifteen minutes having a “texting conversation.” Just call me for crying out loud!


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