Oh So Taxing

Went to a tax service and got our taxes filed today. I used to do them myself but when we had to deal with a rental property and subsequent sale of death rental property, I knew I couldn’t hang with the big tax dogs. This year we didn’t have as many forms to deal with but there’s just no way my brain can configure it all anymore so it is worth the fee. Especially since our refunds have doubled since I stopped doing them myself. No, really. I’ve tried tax software before but discovered that sometimes you need to know the questions to ask to bring up the right forms or deductions/credits. I didn’t know those. We will be getting a refund this year as we usually do, though smaller since we took the money upfront in the paychecks. Here are some things that our tax service clued us in on that we had not been paying attention to:

Medical miles-keep track of how many miles you drive each year to medical appointments
Charity miles-keep track of how many miles you drive each year to volunteer
Go to the Salvation Army and Goodwill websites to download valuation guides on donated items. You’d be surprised how much your garbage bags and boxes of clothing and household items are worth. And I just used the low end of the scale.
Public school registration fees

We also discovered tax credits we had no idea we qualified for. There are certainly many more things that apply to individual situations and (disclaimer alert) you would need to consult with your own tax preparer to see what is available to you. Oh, my favorite part included with our fee, is that we have the full assistance of the service should there be any issues with the IRS. WORTH IT.

I hadn’t meant for this to be a soapbox on using a tax prep service. I was just relieved we were able to get a refund even though I thought I’d made some mistakes throughout the year. I couldn’t have done it on my own. If you’re freaking out about filing your return, I kid you not, talk to an accountant or service and let them help. Sometimes peace of mind is half the battle.


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  1. We use the same guy every year. He’s there year round and like you said it’s worth a couple of hundred dollars for the piece of mind. Plus we get way to much back that way too.


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