The Workings of Child Minds

Well at least OUR children’s minds. They had a lot to say today. Here are a few excerpts:

I asked the kids what was I going to do all day when Annaliese entered 1st grade? Answers: “You could do whatever you want” “You could do something for yourself” “You could do whatever you want and not have to yell at any kids”

Dinner discussion: Maddie thought a solar powered car would be cool so we’d never need gas stations. JD wondered how it would run on rainy days. We challenged them to solve that problem. I believe a robot was involved in one scenario. We were trying to see if they’d get to the idea of a battery so we kept prompting, “well, how do your toys work?” They thought the idea of a battery in a car was the coolest thing ever. Even more if the battery was filled with solar energy(mom & dad’s idea). JD’s eyes about popped out of his head. “That would be awesome!”

I love when their minds get going. During that time, they also devised plans for squirrel traps to keep squirrels away from a bird feeder. Again, a robot was mentioned and several remote control contraptions combined with Nerf guns and a tree branch. The girls wanted the squirrel to fall off the feeder. But not on the hard ground. Annaliese suggested placing a pillow underneath the feeder. Other ideas included a sign “no squirrels allowed” until Maddie asked if squirrels could read. Hearing that they can’t, she thought maybe a picture of a squirrel’s face with a circle and line drawn through would do the trick. Genius. JD even sketched out a few trap designs in his new Spiderman notepad with the 3-D cover and the mechanical pencil that has this cool cap that goes over the eraser.

Ninety minutes before bed: Maddie began developing a color scheme for the bird feeder she and Daddy just built as she applied primer to it. JD swept the kitchen floor and Annaliese helped him dust the living room and whatever she felt like touching–all while singing and dancing to a few “Kidz Bop” CDs in her Snow White dress. JD gave the girls yo-yo lessons(quite peacefully actually), they planned who would play which instrument and who would conduct at their next concert which I think is Sunday, got pjs on, brushed their teeth and said prayers. Not a peep out of them since they hit the pillow.


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