Stepping Up

I have never sensed a spirit of fear, confusion, and despair in the community more than I have in these last few weeks. I am surrounded by horrible things happening to fabulous people. It would seem there are few if any places to turn. We have GOT to make it a priority to ramp up our commitments to each other and to listening for God’s voice. The systems we think should be in place or stable just aren’t. No amount of anger or whining will help our neighbors fill their frig or gas tank or soul when there is no income and abundant worry. Followers of Christ, lead the way in compassion, hope, and charity.


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  1. Posted by Lisa Price on March 15, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Amen, Sistah! There’s so much need, helping anywhere helps everywhere.


  2. As long as I can remember I have had a heart of benevolance.

    While I agree that “systems” are beginning to fail I also believe that part of the “system” of failure is man’s carnal nature. Many (if not most) people live beyond their means. And I am not talking about living on crdit cards, altough there are plenty who have lived to regret that. I am talking about those who buy a house, two cars, a garage full of toys and a house full of toys. They spend most of their pay checks each pay day without saving anything. They are enjoying the pleasures of fulfilling their sensual (carnal) nature. God gave each of us a free will.

    I am truly not being calous, for if you have read my blog much you will know that our family makes sacrificing for others a daily lifestyle.

    I think this is the season to discern just EXACTLY what it is the Lord is saying to us individually and as a church body. Pain is a nasty thing and it makes the best “learners” of those of us who have experienced it.


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