Random thoughts of nothing in particular

Boys’/men’s shorts that reach at or below the knee, are actually capri pants. If the pant legs are wide enough, they are gauchos. Just so you know.

Made me smile: Driving home one day and saw a dad walking behind his son, teaching him how to mow the lawn; same drive home–dad and son playing catch with a baseball in the front yard.

Saw JD’s(7) silhouette in a play structure sphere. He was just sitting there moving a penny around the circle and seeing where it would slide. A very simple game. I think I should get one of those spheres for his room.

Annaliese(5 11/12) was pestering me in the restroom at church to help her reach the faucet. Irritated, I told her to just do it herself. She looked at me, then the sink and with a squeal blurted out, “Mom! I grew! I can reach the sink now!”

Most of the time, you will forget to buy at least one key item on your shopping list. Unfortunately, it’s probably the one item you actually needed from the store.

Cub scout moms are amazing people.


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