An uneducated look at reform

Insurance Reform–what I think should be covered:

Massage: reduces stress & inflammation, promotes healthy immune system and mental health

Benefit to Insurance companies: reduce doctor visits for simple colds and musculoskeletal issues, mental health providers, prescriptions and OTC medications

Economic benefit: creating more jobs as people needed to provide and teach the art

Manicures and Pedicures: reduces stress, promotes higher self image, creates community among consumers and providers

Insurance benefit: reduction in mental health and rheumatology visits

Economic benefit: creating more jobs for providers and instructors

Smoking cessation clinics or supplies: too many  benefits to mention

Insurance benefit: reduce cancer related costs–tests, treatments, surgery, long-term care

Economic benefit: more $$ in consumer’s hands to spend on durable goods or food (however, the government would lose a TON of $$ in taxes and tobacco growers would therefore not receive government subsidies–have to develop new industry or uses for  tobacco.)

Tax credit for one-time donation of unused medical benefits: I have maternity benefits and well baby care on my insurance. I am not planning any more pregnancies. Can I donate my benefit to an uninsured mom-to-be? Of course I run the risk of being uninsured myself should there be a surprise down the road. Willing to take the risk?

Tax Reform: Reduce your tax burden by quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. In Illinois, combining Federal and State excise taxes, one can expect to pay 50% of the price of a pack of cigarettes to taxes. Source and also here.  Taxes on alcohol a little less sensational (14% on beer, over 16% on alcohol purch in a Chicago club)but you get the idea. And that’s just in Illinois. Then there’s gas. I can’t even figure that out. I may even be calculating the others incorrectly thus the source material. So smoking, drinking and driving will kill ya’ in more ways then one. Plus it’ll make you broke. Interestingly enough though, if you pay all these taxes to the government and run out of money, you can apply to the government for financial aid and they will give you money to spend on more taxes. Kuh-razy.

VA Reform: Combat veterans should receive $1,000,000 tax-free and clear after their service and free healthcare from any provider for life.

Economic Stimulus Reform: Stop giving stimulus money to corporations. Give the money to consumers to pay off their mortgages–or to the mortgage lenders in the name of the borrowers–which will then shore up the lenders and create more income for durable goods–new appliance purchases or home improvement purchases, vacations, education, entertainment which creates demand and jobs in these industries.


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