I just tied the last super hero cape to the last and smallest super hero of the family and sent said super hero (Captain Light and Fast Girl) to join Batman and Nice Girl in the backyard. I think I’m still in Summer mode because while they have done their homework, we have not yet eaten dinner and its approaching shower time. Nice Girl is currently spying an approaching army of Triceratops through her binoculars and devising a plan. Here’s how we do super heroes around here.

JD asks Maddie to play super heroes. Sure, she says. JD puts on  a simple Batman outfit complete with cape and gadget belt. Maddie must change into something monochromatic, tie on a blanket as a cape and attempt to get on her bike. My supermom powers immediately sense danger as I envision a cape entangling the spokes of the bike. I must echo Edna from The Incredibles, “NO CAPES”. So she ditches the bike idea. Maddie collects her superhero gear in her prettiest gift bag and heads out the door. Annaliese, now done with homework and window washing(that’s a whole other post), decides to find a cape. I steer her away from her crocheted “baby” blankets to another and out the door she goes with a, “JD! Maddie! Da Dada DAAAAA! I’m a superhero!” Once a master plan is concocted, the girls skip around the yard singing The Backyardigans theme song, “We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore…” Poor JD. I think he just wanted to capture a bad guy and put him in jail. Waiting for Maddie to write a script for, “Super Heroes, The Musical” when she grows up. Shoot, I just need someone to follow these guys around and record a transcript of childhood. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Time for dinner. I wonder what superheroes like to eat after a hard day of saving the world. Maybe grilled cheese? I suppose whatever Supermom can cook faster than a speeding bullet.

Note: just before posting, our heroes came inside to wash up for dinner; I was advised that tomorrow will bring Part 2 of the Superheroes.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I am not kidding–the kids are right now working on a superheroes theme song. Earlier they were writing a trailer on the white board in the living room. Annaliese is designing choreography depending on what sound is being played. “Like a kick and a turn her when the music goes hmm” JD hums an idea. Maddie: that sounds like Batman. JD: It is Batman but catchier Maddie is composing an original I believe for a horn section. I need to go try and catch video.


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