Things I Think Of Once

Would we create jobs if we stopped paying our bills online and went back to making of pile of envelopes someone needed to open?

Is it a government conspiracy that I can never remember my login information to pay the Sallie Mae bill online so I have to buy a stamp and send via U.S. mail?

Would it ever be possible to create an allergen-free grocery store strip mall so you wouldn’t have to drive everywhere for a decent price? You could have the wheat & gluten-free store next to the tree and peanut-free store next to the egg-free store next to the no-lacto-zone store next to the soy-free and fish-free stores all in the space of a supermarket but with separate entrances. Shoppers, what do you think?

Is there a cell phone you could give to your kids where the only texts they can send/receive are to/from the parents and the only numbers they can dial are the parents’ and 911? I suppose its called a walkie-talkie eh?

There’s GOT to be a way to provide library cards to low income township residents so their kids can bring books home. Many families are single parent households who may not be able to get to the library to read to the kids during library hours. Right now the cost is about $170 (in my area) per family per year payable in a lump sum. Somebody brainstorm with me. How does your library district handle unincorporated residents?


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  1. They do make cell phones that parents can restrict for kids. Firefly is one of the companies that does this. Here is another one: Also, I think the major carriers might have a similar option. Hope that helps!


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