What I “got out of” church this weekend.

After two weeks of craziness, I finally got to go to church this past weekend. I hate not going to church. I feel like I’m missing out so I was excited to go. At the same time, I felt blah–just feeling kind of down with a MONSTER headache and same ol’ pain deal. I did my best to connect with the singing and the message and for the most part I was hanging with it. Greed vs. Generosity. Christianity is not an add-on or something you do. C.S. Lewis quote: “I haven’t come to torture your natural self but to give you a completely new self.” The Gospel is the epitome of generosity. From Mark 10:5-8 “freely you have received, freely give.” The Gospel demands more than you thought and offers more than you could imagine. See Scott? I was totally listening with that glazed over look on my face!

Light bulb moment though was when Scott simply mentioned that for some people in that room, this might be the first time they heard or it truly resonated that God gives to them freely–not because the good list is a little longer than the bad list–because God is generous. So now my brain gets totally excited thinking that somewhere in that room, someone’s life needed a change and they were receiving it right now. Someone needed a change in their relationships, addictions, thoughts of self or pain and they were receiving it right now. Church, in that moment, stopped being about “wish my foot didn’t hurt” and started being about “pray that the ‘someone’ will yield an open heart to Jesus”.

My perspective about church has shifted dramatically over the last few years thanks to the Orchard. It’s not about me. It’s not about me. I have received an amazingly generous gift in the Gospel. Freely, I must be able to share this in word, deed or spirit and get excited that someone in that room will soon be telling a new story about their life. And that absolutely rocks!


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  1. Good word Joni!



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