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I’m adding this as a ragamuffinTop challenge post. Weight 8/16: 198.6;  8/30: 198.8

I apologize if you got here through the wrong tag or search. Its not about politics. Its all about ME!!!

From my previous post on “Fat, Depression and Hormones“, you may have deduced I would have jumped off a bridge by now. Not so. I got my blood work back, met with a personal trainer and talked with a psychiatrist.

My bad cholesterol is down 18 pts to 102. I believe 100 is normalish? Yay fish oil supplements. My A1c test which measures blood glucose over about 3 months was 5.8% which is normal and considered controlled. My fasting glucose was 10 pts above normal so if that continues, they may medicate me. All other systems were fine–no thyroid, heart, kidney, liver issues. I need to get my annual glaucoma exam next month.

Met with a personal trainer who is a former body builder, been training for almost 50 years and is well acquainted with rehab and arthritis. He is also a very personable guy. We talked a lot about my history and he is showing me the best exercises and machines to use to get the best workout with the least risk. Turns out I already know a lot about what to do. Now it becomes a matter of doing it. I have 2 more sessions to go. Wish we could afford more. I may have to put that in the budget somehow. Let’s see…who what can we sell?

Saw my first psychiatrist today. We reviewed my medical history. He asked me some key questions. Discovered I most likely have double depression(great) which is a low level of depression (hereditary or naturally occurring) with major life events piled on top–especially postpartum. Having 3 babies in less than 3 years counts, stress, grief. Plus my current medication produces anti-motivation and weight gain side effects. God only knows how I get out of bed in the morning. He is switching my meds. Unfortunately, coming off the med I currently take in such a high dose causes severe withdrawal so friends who have ever offered to help with crazy mommy time, I’ll be calling you soon. He is doing it VERY gradually and dovetailing the new med VERY gradually. We’ll see how this goes. My poor family.

Anyway, some progress being made. If you’re so inclined I’d appreciate your prayers for a smooth med transition.


Fat, depression, and hormones

I originally put this on my ragamuffinTop post but think it fits better on its own. Regarding the weight loss challenge, I really haven’t done well. Depression is kicking my arse. Sad thing is(no pun intended 🙂 ), exercise will help relieve depression symptoms but depression deters motivation. Really, the one thing that is good is that I’m trying not to give up being public about this.

I talked to my doctor this week and he said that 2/3 of the medications I take, promote weight loss so essentially the deck is stacked against me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain how I lost 14 lbs last year with the same depression. I got my blood work redone but don’t have results on any of that yet. He’s referring me to a psychiatrist who he feels is better qualified to look at all the symptoms(aka, crazy mommy) and dial-in any med changes. I also need to follow up with my OB/GYN and talk about those meds plus schedule my follow-up mammogram from February’s “calcification check”.

At least my neck doesn’t hurt!

RagamuffinTop #12

8/2: 197

8/16: 198.6

Sorry I missed last week’s post. Lots to do. And by the looks of it, much of that was eating.

RagamuffinTop Challenge #11

7/28: 198.4
8/2: 197 (196.8 without holding a camera)
Sorry, couldn’t upload the picture. Using a backup computer til ours comes home from rehab Monday. If I think of it, I’ll add it then.

4 swimming lessons in the water with kids
Irritable bowel syndrome
Gave up on the food sort of.

Read in “Big Girls Don’t Whine” by Jan Silvious that big girls realize they cannot change themselves. They recognize the need for change and ask God to take over. Um, surrendering I think they call it. I just know something’s gotta change. My children are very interested in food and exercise. We talk about eating healthy foods, portion size, not eating just because its there, getting exercise every day, balancing treats within the diet yet mom and dad are out of control.

I grew up with parents that smoked and told me how bad it was so I should never do it. Yeah. I started smoking in 1981 at the age of 14, and quit in 1995. I understand the struggle my parents went through, especially my mom who regretted the day she started smoking and how it influenced us. Before she died, she apologized to us kids for “taking up the habit”. I don’t want my kids to look like me, feel like me, be bound or obsessed this way. So I just asked God to intervene in a big way. Not to help me but to take over the struggle. I have no idea how that plays out or what my part needs to be but I suppose he’ll clue me in as we go. Seems to be his m.o. Thanks for the 1.4.

I’d link you all to the other muffinTop challengers but I haven’t seen a Los post on it yet. Another add-in later I suppose.

RagamuffinTop Challenge #10

7/19: 198.2
7/28: 198.4

4 swim lessons in the pool with kids
1 swim session alone–couple of laps
lots of walking
rotten food & drink
no picture–camera broken

RagamuffinTop #9

7/12/08: 196.4
7/19/08: 198.2

County Fair; corn dog; coke; cake; ice cream; ice cream; ice cream; dr. pepper; chocolate; ice cream; lots of walking; very little plain water; little sleep. Oddly enough, my shorts aren’t as tight as last week.

Depressed. Need mental support. “The trouble is with me, for I am all too human, a slave to sin. I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.” Rom 7:14b-15

Go here for inspiration and the rules…

RagamuffinTop Challenge #8

7/5: 196.4

7/12: 196.4

So I maintained the weight which is fine with me since I had birthday cake and a took a few liberties at the family birthday meal my fabulous husband made for me. The victories? Got back on the elliptical for just under 2 miles, did weights twice, lots of stretching, no over eating, lots of water and green tea, and only one cup of coffee(without chocolate).

I really have to step up the exercise and get in my 3 workouts now that I’m cleared by the doctor and don’t have anymore physical therapy scheduled just yet. The clock is ticking and I need to stay off the starting block. Congratulations to the other toppers who are just cranking this thing!!