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Sure wish I could have gotten a blanket though

Those words have been ringing in my head all day today. They were spoken by a homeless man I met last night who was shivering outside an already full shelter. Temperatures were near or below freezing.

I had no idea what I was in for walking into FUEL, the Orchard’s monthly leadership gathering. Scott called it the C-note challenge: $100 in 100 minutes. Each group received $100 with the challenge to bless someone or a group of someones in our town, in the next 100 minutes. You could not simply donate the money, you had to spend it somehow. We had 10 minutes to plan and off we went.

Its funny watching groups filled with leaders all try to come to a consensus and delegate in such a short period of time! Ideas flying everywhere! Our group settled on trying to help Aurora’s homeless community. We scurried through Wal-Mart purchasing gloves, socks, blankets, simple toiletries. Having seen our and other groups running through the store, Wal-Mart gave us 10% off. Cool. Then off to buy cheeseburgers. Initially we planned to go to people out on the street, train station, a couple other places we knew but because of the cold, most were at a local shelter. We were excited to get to help. We pulled into the parking lot and met two other Orchard groups with the same idea! And thank God because we had no clue what the need would be. A group of men(20-30?) were not able to get into the shelter and huddled near the door. The cheeseburgers were handed out in seconds as were the blankets, socks, gloves, hats etc.

About 18 years ago, some friends and I on a whim headed into(underneath actually) Chicago piling every extra blanket & coat we could find into our cars and distributed them on under the street (lower Wacker).  We brought cheeseburgers back then too! I remember those men and women told us that they were enormously lonely. It had been years since someone had touched them. Just shaking their hand, looking them in the eye, or saying God bless you and giving them a hug lifted their spirits. 

So, I wanted to be sure to talk to the men we met last night. Asking a name seemed foreign. One man said, “you want to know my name?” and another pulled his hood over his head to protect his privacy. That man, “Chuck”, was willing to talk to me away from the crowd. He did get gloves, a hat, socks and was thankful but admitted, “sure wish I could have gotten a blanket though. But I know how it is when you guys come here.” His cynicism and discouragement broke my heart. He had been to this place and seen groups come in (he believed) to give their token stuff so they could feel like they did something. He shared a little of his story, that he had been injured and couldn’t work and was developing other physical problems. I asked if I could pray for him right there and he looked shocked, almost panicky. I told him I would pray for him when I left anyway but wanted to pray with him now. He said ok. I prayed for his well being and beyond that I won’t get specific. Doug joined us during the prayer and touched his back. Chuck reached around and took Doug’s hand for the rest of the prayer. And we left.

It was all I could do today not to run to the thrift store, buy every stupid blanket I could find and then go stalk the shelter. I heard the people running the shelter were not happy to see our groups because we did not have enough for everyone. I understand the conflict that can arise from that–many homeless people are fearfully protective of their belongings because others are desperate to steal them. So maybe we were unprepared to bless the entire shelter or were intrusive or disorganized, I don’t know. I prayed that there would be more blessing than cursing overnight. It just kills me that we didn’t have enough. Even the ones who got needed more. It wasn’t enough. That just rings in my ears. “Sure wish I could have gotten a blanket though.” Crap.


Got shoes?


If you have $5, like the cost of one Starbucks Venti Double shot Mocha or something or other, than please go to and see how fast you can buy TWO pair of shoes with $5. Its part of the 50,000 pairs in 50 days challenge by soles4souls, a charity dedicated to providing shoes to those in need. You may have already seen this movement posted around blog and twitter world. If you haven’t bought your shoes, click on the above links and seriously, it only takes about a minute–less time and money than it takes to actually order and receive said Starbucks Venti Double shot Mocha frappe latte blah blah.

Then, post it in your own blog or twitter and pass it on. So far there have been close to 3000 pairs purchased in 48 hours. A good start but that means there are 47,000 left. Anne Jackson has a much more inspiring post than mine. Check this out for more info.

Say a prayer

I took my dog out for his last hoorah of the evening. Its about 13 degrees out there. I was waiting and hoping he would be quick about it because I just wanted to get back inside my warm house and go to bed.

On cold nights like this, I say a quick prayer asking God to please let there be no homeless person who has to stay outside overnight. I hate being cold and not getting enough sleep. Then I think of a homeless man or woman or family that is always cold and tired. They have no rest. Those thoughts compel me to pray. Dear God, take care of them tonight in some way and please don’t let me complain at all. Give them relief and hope. Show yourself mightily to them in their time of need. I have several friends who are warriors against the plight of the homeless–one of whom has been homeless himself and does everything he can to make sure that in our relatively affluent area, no one goes hungry or without their basic needs met. I can’t imagine what circumstances have brought a homeless person to their situation. I suppose its not necessarily my business to know that but to reach out and help “the least of these” as Jesus said. Right now, my way is to pray when prompted.

Let’s all take a little notice of those thoughts that fly through our head in the rush of the day and stop for a minute. Shoot up a prayer no matter how rudimentary or inadequate it may seem. Ask God to reveal what you can do to bless someone and give just a little relief to get them through one more day. You’d be amazed at the return on your investment.