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My Girl Wants To Potty All The Time…

Name the reference. Yes, an 80s Eddie Murphy song “Party All The Time”. I am issuing a TMI alert. This post is about what we think it is. Potty talk.

My husband urged me to write this post and I can’t blame him. Its very valuable information–at least if you live in my area. I’m rating my retail store potty experiences because it seems I can’t resist using the restroom at any store I enter. I don’t know why about 15 mins into the shopping experience, I feel a sudden urge(as I said TMI alert) to use the potty. Immediately. I don’t know why. Doug thinks all of a sudden I become stress free and relaxed in that environment(when kidless). Therefore, blood pressure drops, tensions release. Did I mention the TMI alert? I can only hope this information is fun for you as well. Enjoy!

Wal-Mart SuperCenter Montgomery, IL: Awesome facility, always spotless, warm water faucet, plenty of room and a couple of kid size sinks; drawback-not always open due to cleaning in which case you better have allowed plenty of time to race to the back of the store for backup restroom.

Wal-Mart Aurora: Restroom is in back of Subway shop; just run outside behind a shrub.

Farm & Fleet, Montgomery: Fine, plenty of room, clean, paper towel or hand dryer option; always available and lots of store ads plastered on the walls if you need a pair of mom jeans on sale. Or tack.

Meijer, Oswego: thankfully a restroom at the back of the store because the ones in the front are inconvenient unless you plan well and can walk to other side of store in between door vestibule; clean enough. Family restroom located in cafe. Good for shoppers. A potential bad deal for the cafe diners. Unsettling if you see a deli employee come out of there and return to work.

Target, No. Aurora: Clean, nothing stands out; if you have kids with you though, the Family restroom is a good choice. Plenty of room with a changing station.

Target, Oswego: Need a map to find it–the restroom, not the store.

Woodman’s, No. Aurora: Stalls a little tiny but a dozen toilet paper rolls in each. Best feature? The hand dryer. Must be jet propelled because the force of air actually pushes your skin back like standing in a wind tunnel. Fun for the whole family.

Granted its been a couple years since I’ve had to change a diaper in any of these so my information is lacking in that area. Perhaps I can go back and write a follow up. These are just my observations as I journey through retail.


Ooh that smell!


I’m totally ripping off Pete Wilson‘s post about confessing your weirdest smell fetish. I’m expanding mine to prompt the moms out there to confess the super nose you had during pregnancy. Everybody join in! What weird smells do you like? What weird smells did you crave during pregnancy? Here are mine…

I like skunk, bleach, a freshly lit match, and a freshly lit cigarette(someone else’s)–however stale smoke makes me nauseous. And when I was pregnant, I loved to smell beer.

Anyway–nothing off limits. If you’d like some inspiration, check out Pete’s post and comments here.


I love this guy

We have a warehouse type grocery store near us with an entire aisle just for hot pockets. I crack up laughing every time I see it and can’t resist singing the jingle. Thanks to I Am Living Proof for posting this.

And now a little dinner theatre

Overhearing Maddie in the next room orchestrating an entire scenario of make believe. She is giving the kids (and the dog) their lines and stage direction.

Actually, it’s completely self serving. Annaliese would not let Maddie read a new book of hers. Annaliese hadn’t had the chance to look through it. Maddie was deeply OFFENDED that Annaliese wouldn’t let Maddie read the book to her. Oh the drama. “I feel like you don’t even care for me anymore Annaliese! It’s not fair!” To which Annaliese calmly replies, “No, Maddie. I just want to look at the pages without reading.” Regardless of the assurance this is not a personal affront, Maddie is still not convinced. I am quite proud of them talking it through.

Maddie devises a plan to play library in which Annaliese is the poor little girl who can’t read the book she just picked out so she must look around and call on the pretty librarian (played by Maddie) to read the book to her. Not kidding. Its genius. Seven year old diabolical. Should I be proud? Should we channel this creativity for good and not evil?

JD’s role forever remains the scary little spy boy who chases them around with his spy gear. He SO needs boys to hang with. Rather, his sisters need him to have boys. He’s just fine sneaking around and scaring them yelling, “fire in the hole!”. The girls are now giggling as the attack turns to “fire on Champ’s butt!” And now Annaliese has joined the fight screaming and shooting right back at JD. Due to the attack on the library, Maddie still  has not had a chance to read the book to Annaliese but is still shouting directions to the cast (including the dog).

All this during dinner mac & cheese prep. How lucky can a girl get?

I think he’s got it!

Overheard JD talking to his sisters: “All the girls in my school talk too much in class. All the boys are silent. They only talk when there’s something to say. The girls talk all the time.”

Well son, I think you figured that out years ahead of your time. Congratulations.

Random acts of kidness

Annaliese at any given point in the day will say, “I love you mom” completely unrelated to anything else going on.

JD: “I just want to be snuggly with you”  Alas, at age almost 6, I fear the end is near for little boy time unless it includes a dinosaur, light saber or laser gun.

Overheard kids playing rock paper scissors in the truck:

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ohhh paper covers rock! hahaha”; “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ohhh rock pounds the scissors hahaha”; “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! JD, what is that?” “Its a laser. Laser shoots everything.” “JayDeee, its rock, paper, scissors! There aren’t any lasers! Mom! JD made a laser…(and so on)”

Laying on the couch minutes after burning my stomach with scalding water, Annaliese approaches: “Here mom, you can have my blankie. Sometimes it makes me feel better.”


I was lying in bed one Saturday still trying to wrestle sleep out of the time continuum with a very sore back. Again, Annaliese: “Mom? You can sleep with my dog and my bear. They make me feel better sometimes.”

While I’m looking over Maddie’s homework, and sometimes right in the middle of doing her homework, Maddie will use up a good 10 post it notes: “I love you Mom” written in a talk balloon next to a small stick figure. Then she’ll right a reply out of a taller stick figure “I love you too Maddie.” Or sometimes she’ll draw a blank line for me to write my response–which she dictates. She’ll draw Champ, a cat, a mouse, a boat, a letter to her teacher.  img_1675

If the kids are playing with toys in their room and Champ enters: “Ahhh its a giant black mosquitoooooo! Run for your life!!!!”   If Doug enters the room just getting home from work: “Ahhh its a giant!!!!! Run for your life!!!”

If Maddie is having a difficult time making a choice, I know whatever I suggest, she’ll pick the opposite. Knowing this gives me super powers.

Their lives consist of adventures. Every task (sometimes very annoying) is a chance to imagine. And everyone they meet for the most part are heroes or rock stars. They are Spiderman, Bat Man or Super Girl rescuing a princess; fighting bad guys; they sail in ships; rescue whales; fly planes or spaceships; they are puppies, dinosaurs, kitties, horses, mommies, babies, fruit bats(Annaliese is the designated fruit bat), rock stars, veterinarians, doctors, teachers, a handyman, a baseball player, explorers. We have fun around here. Just listen out your window because I’m sure you can hear us for miles!

Living With A Hernia

I was not able to embed this 3:34 min video but I think you will find it just the kind of thing I would post on my blog in the face of a loved one’s pain and recovery.

Special thanks to an old friend, Mike Prigodich, for the well wishes.