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Things I Think Of Once

Would we create jobs if we stopped paying our bills online and went back to making of pile of envelopes someone needed to open?

Is it a government conspiracy that I can never remember my login information to pay the Sallie Mae bill online so I have to buy a stamp and send via U.S. mail?

Would it ever be possible to create an allergen-free grocery store strip mall so you wouldn’t have to drive everywhere for a decent price? You could have the wheat & gluten-free store next to the tree and peanut-free store next to the egg-free store next to the no-lacto-zone store next to the soy-free and fish-free stores all in the space of a supermarket but with separate entrances. Shoppers, what do you think?

Is there a cell phone you could give to your kids where the only texts they can send/receive are to/from the parents and the only numbers they can dial are the parents’ and 911? I suppose its called a walkie-talkie eh?

There’s GOT to be a way to provide library cards to low income township residents so their kids can bring books home. Many families are single parent households who may not be able to get to the library to read to the kids during library hours. Right now the cost is about $170 (in my area) per family per year payable in a lump sum. Somebody brainstorm with me. How does your library district handle unincorporated residents?


Random thoughts of nothing in particular

Boys’/men’s shorts that reach at or below the knee, are actually capri pants. If the pant legs are wide enough, they are gauchos. Just so you know.

Made me smile: Driving home one day and saw a dad walking behind his son, teaching him how to mow the lawn; same drive home–dad and son playing catch with a baseball in the front yard.

Saw JD’s(7) silhouette in a play structure sphere. He was just sitting there moving a penny around the circle and seeing where it would slide. A very simple game. I think I should get one of those spheres for his room.

Annaliese(5 11/12) was pestering me in the restroom at church to help her reach the faucet. Irritated, I told her to just do it herself. She looked at me, then the sink and with a squeal blurted out, “Mom! I grew! I can reach the sink now!”

Most of the time, you will forget to buy at least one key item on your shopping list. Unfortunately, it’s probably the one item you actually needed from the store.

Cub scout moms are amazing people.

Mourning Texting Loss

We recently cancelled our  cell phones with unlimited text plan to save $$. The savings is fun, but all day I see things I must communicate to the world but can’t. I know how sad you all are because you’re missing my day to day life! I’ll catch you up:

So yesterday I’m driving to the store.  Two cars in front of me side by side–one in left turn lane, one in regular left lane approaching green traffic light. The car in the regular lane suddenly turns left in front of the car in the left turn lane, missing him by inches.  Yaah! I continue on my way to the store. I’m in the parking lot when all of a sudden, guess who comes racing across the parking lot diagonally across the empty spaces, pulls in front of me into a parking space I was eyeing and barely missing the car that was actually planning to pull  into that space? Yep. That guy. I figured he was either seriously impaired or an enormous jackass.  Given the way he treated his wife in the car and the store, I pick option #2. Needless to say, I’ve never shopped faster to get my stuff and get out the door before he could get back on the road.

Overhearing Maddie and Annaliese trying to figure out how to get a note to our neighbor, Natalie.

Maddie: Well Annaliese, we need to put a stamp on the envelope for the mail man.
Annaliese: But I don’t have a stamp. Mom! Do you have a stamp?
Me: No.
Maddie: Tomorrow’s payday! We can ask mom to get stamps tomorrow!
Annaliese: Or I KNOW! We could just GIVE Natalie the note.
Maddie: Yeah!

What I would have texted at 12:30 a.m. this morning from the ER:

Sitting with my son, the barking seal, in the ER waiting for breathing treatment and watching Animal Planet.

And then at 3 a.m.:

JD received a breathing treatment plus a dose of a steroid. Now we’re home and he declares, “you can go rest mom. I’m going to stay up and watch tv til my voice comes back.”  Um, no.

And then at 6:30 a.m.:

JD is first kid awake and completely dressed(including snow boots) raring to go. Great.

Moments of coolness

Head cold is fully developed. Real Sudafed didn’t work. Trying Claritin D generic. So basically I have a bad cold that’s not bad enough to call in sick to work but just right to give me a miserable Thursday.

Yet, there have been some moments of coolness today that I can only describe as the mercy of God! For instance:

  • Coffee ready for me when I wake up.
  • Maddie & JD both on time to school
  • JD & Annaliese bring activity books to supermarket–all’s quiet except for some sibling posturing
  • Find small salad plates on clearance from $14.99 to $3.74 per 4 stoneware plates in normal colors. I pick up two packs because we have only 3 saucers left since we received the dishes in 1996.
  • JD & Annaliese decide to sacrifice the free cookie from the store’s bakery to get a simple toy at the end of the trip. They choose bubbles.
  • No arguing or pestering in the checkout line. Focused on bubbles.
  • Play bubbles when we get home. The cool bubble wands actually work.
  • My fabulous friend, Jess, brings me soup for lunch. And cookies! I get to have an adult conversation.
  • I draw a couple pictures with Annaliese on the driveway with chalk.

Not bad for the first 9 hours of my day. But then again, we haven’t started homework yet! 😉

Ooh that smell!


I’m totally ripping off Pete Wilson‘s post about confessing your weirdest smell fetish. I’m expanding mine to prompt the moms out there to confess the super nose you had during pregnancy. Everybody join in! What weird smells do you like? What weird smells did you crave during pregnancy? Here are mine…

I like skunk, bleach, a freshly lit match, and a freshly lit cigarette(someone else’s)–however stale smoke makes me nauseous. And when I was pregnant, I loved to smell beer.

Anyway–nothing off limits. If you’d like some inspiration, check out Pete’s post and comments here.


Bits of randomness

I thought I’d gotten all the groceries last week at $293. How did “I just need to pick up a few things (the perishables) turn into $73?

Upon reviewing JDs kindergarten daily papers, I tell him “hey you’re getting pretty good at your printing.” “You mean on the computer?” he replies. No son, writing with a pencil. Sign of the times.

Favorite kid music lately: Toby Mac, David Crowder, Kutless

Loving the “new” radio station in the area 88.7 FM Air1

Doug has the night off–thank you BCS National Championship Game; nothing for an intern to do at the station

Maddie is learning how to use a yo-yo and caught her first returning spin today.

Weighed myself today and hadn’t gained near what I thought I did. Phew. Still too much when you get dizzy watching the little dial spin around!

What’s in your closet?

My 7 yr old daughter decided to take nearly everything out of her closet including two diaper case boxes of shoes sizes 7 and under. I had no idea we had that many pairs of shoes just sitting around–at least 20 pairs–barely worn. I know I had planned to sort through things and donate or pass along. I decided to send the shoes in the best shape to Click on the “shoe box” in my sidebar to see how you can donate brand new shoes, or click on soles4souls to get more information about the organization. 

I haven’t even gone through our other shoe hiding places yet. I think we’ll be visiting the post office on several occasions.