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Stepping Up

I have never sensed a spirit of fear, confusion, and despair in the community more than I have in these last few weeks. I am surrounded by horrible things happening to fabulous people. It would seem there are few if any places to turn. We have GOT to make it a priority to ramp up our commitments to each other and to listening for God’s voice. The systems we think should be in place or stable just aren’t. No amount of anger or whining will help our neighbors fill their frig or gas tank or soul when there is no income and abundant worry. Followers of Christ, lead the way in compassion, hope, and charity.


Restoring Dignity and Affirming Beauty-Help Portrait

Thanks to Carlos for this heads up on Help Portrait. Please check out the video for a very cool way to give someone back their dignity and show a little love.  I so wish I had the ability to participate but since I don’t, I’m calling on my friends who can, to step out and use their love for and talent in photography in a new way. For more details on how you can get involved, go to

Shop ’til you drop–or kill someone!

Floating Axhead has a good post about the upcoming boycott season. Worth the read. Some comments talked about the consumerism thing and lets not celebrate Christmas but use our time and money for better things than landfill fodder. As I started to comment, I found myself rambling as per usual so I brought it over here for a post. 

Little ways to celebrate non-consumer Christmas aside from the standard donating and volunteering you may do anyway…

  • Instead of throwing away Christmas, use this time of year culturally and be generous to those in need
  • Teach kids by letting them pick out something (using their own hard earned money) to give away.
  • Offer to babysit(for free) a single mom or dad’s kids so they can shop or go to a party or help in their kid(s) classroom
  • Return a cart in the parking lot to save an older person the trip
  • Tip Well (click the link if you’re unsure how–this is a huge problem in Christian circles)
  • Be nice at family gatherings
  • Help the person in the check out line when they are short a buck or a quarter
  • Buy the pharmacist and assistants in the 24 hr drug store a coffee shop card to thank them for being there all night when you get your prescription from the ER
  • Don’t judge the mom or dad with wild kids in the store; their shenanigans may be the LEAST of the parents’ worries at the moment; smile and move on with your life

Got any more ideas?

Its the most wonderful time…

Our church community participated last year and it was a great experience for our family. I highly recommend.

I love church

I’m seriously ignoring my goal of floor cleaning by writing this morning. I just needed to get back to the blog. So, back to my title, “I love church”.

Had an awesome experience yesterday at church. Served this weekend in Wahabu Land (the land of God’s love) with the K-5th graders. I get to lead music once a month and yesterday, I got to have my two oldest kids up front with me. They did a good job. Maddie helping JD with the motions(correcting him mostly) but the kids seemed into the music and there were some new faces having a good time.

Then I got to go into the “big church” and listen to Scott‘s message. Since we have 3 services each weekend, I get to participate 3 times so by the third time, I sat down in the lobby with a pad of paper and pen. And had a serious brain dump. I wrote notes from the message as they hit me. I cleared my head of all the “to dos” and “need to gets”. About three pages worth I think. Serving in this way is kind of like Mom’s weekend out. I get some alone time, some extra music time, some friend time, some serve time, some pray time.

I started to just touch on a couple things from the message and yeah, I’m gonna have to do a separate post. You people don’t have that kind of time to read a super long post. More later. Or, you can check out the Orchard for podcasts. I highly recommend.

I wish I could hang out at our weekend gatherings more. Or would that be considered stalking? Can you stalk a church? Creepy.

bum flipper

Hey, sorry for nothing new. My neck and shoulder are worsening and I can barely lift with my right arm let alone work the mouse and keyboard here. I’m finagling a little to get it done. I’ll see the doctor today to get some ideas.

In the meantime, check out this quote:

“No matter what you’re going through, there’s always somebody out there going through something a little bit harder,” Atlantis says. “So whatever you’re going through, just count it as a blessing. You can learn from every single thing.”

Read Atlantis’ story here as discovered by Stephen Paletta, a contestant on Oprah’s Big Give.

Going postal

So I’ve packed up two huge boxes of stuff to mail off to my sister. I cannot see over the top of these boxes when I carry them. I don’t have a stroller to use as a hand truck anymore. So JD, Annaliese and I go to the post office anyway. I know, “why didn’t you just wait and go without the kids?” Yeah well, I’ve already put this off about 2 weeks and it was payday so I can afford the postage now. Of course the only parking space is the furthest from the door. I lead the kids across the small but busy parking lot to stand on the sidewalk while I navigate the boxes over. Its ok. You can laugh at the visual. “Stay there” means something COMPLETELY different when you’re 3 & 5 than when you’re 41.

Two merciful women open the door for us and as we enter, the devil enters my children because they start spinning around and bumping into each other as loud and on purpose as possible.  A postal employee comes over and offers to assist me on the automated machine even though they are oversized packages. She tries to instruct me on the machine and the computer screens. Meanwhile, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are smacking into each other laughing, spinning, hugging and falling over. Eventually Annaliese hits the floor elbow first. Silence. The wind up. The pitch. Here it is: waaaaaAAAAAAAAA! Undaunted, the postal employee continues through the turmoil but eventually sees the futility and does it all for me without a huff or a puff or an eye roll. She was awesome and must have her own Things 1 & 2 or remembers what it was like.

So for all the time I have ever complained about the U.S. Postal Service employees, I take it back. I give a standing ovation to the North Aurora, IL staff. Thank you for serving so well. I am SO going back to get her name and tell her personally. Alone.