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The Workings of Child Minds

Well at least OUR children’s minds. They had a lot to say today. Here are a few excerpts:

I asked the kids what was I going to do all day when Annaliese entered 1st grade? Answers: “You could do whatever you want” “You could do something for yourself” “You could do whatever you want and not have to yell at any kids”

Dinner discussion: Maddie thought a solar powered car would be cool so we’d never need gas stations. JD wondered how it would run on rainy days. We challenged them to solve that problem. I believe a robot was involved in one scenario. We were trying to see if they’d get to the idea of a battery so we kept prompting, “well, how do your toys work?” They thought the idea of a battery in a car was the coolest thing ever. Even more if the battery was filled with solar energy(mom & dad’s idea). JD’s eyes about popped out of his head. “That would be awesome!”

I love when their minds get going. During that time, they also devised plans for squirrel traps to keep squirrels away from a bird feeder. Again, a robot was mentioned and several remote control contraptions combined with Nerf guns and a tree branch. The girls wanted the squirrel to fall off the feeder. But not on the hard ground. Annaliese suggested placing a pillow underneath the feeder. Other ideas included a sign “no squirrels allowed” until Maddie asked if squirrels could read. Hearing that they can’t, she thought maybe a picture of a squirrel’s face with a circle and line drawn through would do the trick. Genius. JD even sketched out a few trap designs in his new Spiderman notepad with the 3-D cover and the mechanical pencil that has this cool cap that goes over the eraser.

Ninety minutes before bed: Maddie began developing a color scheme for the bird feeder she and Daddy just built as she applied primer to it. JD swept the kitchen floor and Annaliese helped him dust the living room and whatever she felt like touching–all while singing and dancing to a few “Kidz Bop” CDs in her Snow White dress. JD gave the girls yo-yo lessons(quite peacefully actually), they planned who would play which instrument and who would conduct at their next concert which I think is Sunday, got pjs on, brushed their teeth and said prayers. Not a peep out of them since they hit the pillow.


Random acts of kidness

Annaliese at any given point in the day will say, “I love you mom” completely unrelated to anything else going on.

JD: “I just want to be snuggly with you”  Alas, at age almost 6, I fear the end is near for little boy time unless it includes a dinosaur, light saber or laser gun.

Overheard kids playing rock paper scissors in the truck:

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ohhh paper covers rock! hahaha”; “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ohhh rock pounds the scissors hahaha”; “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! JD, what is that?” “Its a laser. Laser shoots everything.” “JayDeee, its rock, paper, scissors! There aren’t any lasers! Mom! JD made a laser…(and so on)”

Laying on the couch minutes after burning my stomach with scalding water, Annaliese approaches: “Here mom, you can have my blankie. Sometimes it makes me feel better.”


I was lying in bed one Saturday still trying to wrestle sleep out of the time continuum with a very sore back. Again, Annaliese: “Mom? You can sleep with my dog and my bear. They make me feel better sometimes.”

While I’m looking over Maddie’s homework, and sometimes right in the middle of doing her homework, Maddie will use up a good 10 post it notes: “I love you Mom” written in a talk balloon next to a small stick figure. Then she’ll right a reply out of a taller stick figure “I love you too Maddie.” Or sometimes she’ll draw a blank line for me to write my response–which she dictates. She’ll draw Champ, a cat, a mouse, a boat, a letter to her teacher.  img_1675

If the kids are playing with toys in their room and Champ enters: “Ahhh its a giant black mosquitoooooo! Run for your life!!!!”   If Doug enters the room just getting home from work: “Ahhh its a giant!!!!! Run for your life!!!”

If Maddie is having a difficult time making a choice, I know whatever I suggest, she’ll pick the opposite. Knowing this gives me super powers.

Their lives consist of adventures. Every task (sometimes very annoying) is a chance to imagine. And everyone they meet for the most part are heroes or rock stars. They are Spiderman, Bat Man or Super Girl rescuing a princess; fighting bad guys; they sail in ships; rescue whales; fly planes or spaceships; they are puppies, dinosaurs, kitties, horses, mommies, babies, fruit bats(Annaliese is the designated fruit bat), rock stars, veterinarians, doctors, teachers, a handyman, a baseball player, explorers. We have fun around here. Just listen out your window because I’m sure you can hear us for miles!


JD: Mosquito! Run for your lives!!! (child runs panicking down the hall)

Annaliese: JD! I got him! I killed him with the big giant baby! (doll, that is)

What was your question?

There has to be a way for me to answer my inquisitive 5 yr old son when he asks me this:

Did God make the flood? (not Noah’s, ours)
God doesn’t seem to be taking care of it. (not all the water has receded in our area)
Is heaven above space?
Are King and Goofy playing together in heaven?
When am I going to die?
Are you going to die mom?

In and amongst his deep philosophical thoughts comes the question, “what’s in poop?” He’s a man who has a need to know.

Parenting Tip

Once your child can talk clearly, don’t bring them into the stall with you in a public bathroom.

Some things are private and some things are VERY private.

More Kid Quotes and Overhears

Annaliese: Mom do washable markers wash off the paper?
Mom: No, they wash off of you if you get any on you(dumb thing to say)
(after a few minutes of silence in the kitchen)Annaliese: Mom! I have to wash my hands!
(Huge Gasp from the bathroom) They REALLY ARE WASHABLE!

JD: I’m going to tell Laura(our neighbor) that Curious George has a crap in his foot.
Me: A what?
JD: A crap
Me: A what?!
JD: A crap
Me: Oh, a cramp
JD: No, a crap. Oh, I mean a cramp in his foot.

Wisdom, Youth and the U.N.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. – 1 Tim 4:12

This speech was given at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1992. To learn more about the speaker, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, and what she has been up to since then, go here.