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Pet Behavior Tip


If you’re going to chase a rabbit top speed across the fenced in yard you’ve had for over a year, make sure to stop running or at least slow down BEFORE hitting the fence head on, as the rabbit runs under.


Household Tip

When searching for an odd smell in the kitchen, be sure to check underneath the over-the-sink cutting board to see if its the dish soaking on that side of the sink. The dish that held the chicken breast from last week.

I’m pretty sure Kristen Jones just threw up a little in her mouth reading this.

Cooking Tip

When pouring boiling water off of potatoes, make sure either a) the colander will drain faster than water is pouring in  or b) you stand far enough from the sink to not have scalding water splash on your torso when the colander does overflow


What to do when said scalding water does splash on your stomach…

  1. scream
  2. let go of pan in sink and screw the potatoes
  3. remove hot/wet portion of shirt
  4. put very cold compress on immediately to stop swelling
  5. look up “first aid for burns” on the internet
  6. follow directions
  7. thank God you own aloe vera gel and bandaging materials
  8. blog or twitter about it

Pet Behavior Tip

If you’re going to sneak out of someone’s room with a stuffed animal to chew, don’t pick the one that talks when you squeeze it.

Cooking Tip

Food cooks faster if the heat is actually turned on under the pan. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Health Tip

It is always a bad idea to demonstrate the jump rope to your child if you have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and arthritis AND a neurosurgeon has restricted you from jarring movements. Like jumping on concrete.

Household Tip

If you wait long enough to clean the cabinet under the sink, you can use the water from the slow leaking garbage disposal to wipe out the dust and throw out all the paper boxed items that are completely soaked. This is both good for the environment(saving water) and helps keep down the clutter.